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Well it has been less than twenty four hours and I already have a reader! Not too shabby in my book. Thanks you, Melanie, for the encouraging words!

I must admit that I’ve toyed around with the idea of having a blog for quite some time, but just didn’t know where to begin. Perhaps this is a good thing, because there have some stressful events during the early stages of this process which may have manifested into written text that I would later regret. Let me just say the path through the discernment and candidacy process is not lined with roses. Then there’s also the concern that no one will want to read what I write.

In any case, I obviously decided to put away my concerns and just go through with a blog anyway. Now I just have to keep going at it. I can’t promise that I’ll be a regular blogger (especially once Summer Greek begins) but I do hope to post something new at least once a week. I have a little more time on my hands at the moment, so naturally I will be able to write more frequently and a bit longer than when school begins. I ask any readers for some patience and understanding with this process. There are several veteran bloggers out there, but I’m certainly not one of them.

Well, now that that’s out of the way I thought I’d share some important dates to look forward to.

June 13th- I will be driving down to Appleton for my Entrance Panel. This is where the Synod (East-Central) will decide whether or not they are going to allow me to attend school. I still feel it a bit odd that I can be provisionally accepted to school at Wartburg and yet not know whether I can attend. Either way, I guess I will find out shortly after the 13th. If you think of it, pray for me at 4pm, when I’ll be in front of the panel.

June 20th-24th- VBS! I’m so excited (and to be completely honest, scared to death) to be participating in this amazing experience! I finally met with Jen yesterday and got my supplies and video (I’ll be in charge of the movie clips and god sightings) so I’m ready to go. Now I just have to get my jitters under control. I’m not sure why talking in front of a bunch of kids scares me more than talking to adults, but it does. Still, this will be a fun time, and great experience for the future. I have had a bunch of people tell me I’d be good with kids, but the thought doesn’t exactly make me feel warm and fuzzy.

July 9th- Come in to Festival and shop! This is my last day working there (at least I hope I’ll make it to then) before I leave the store for school. Almost seven years with this company has resulted in a lot of great friendships, employees and guests.

July 10th- Farewell party at St. Johns! I’m not sure what’s all being done, but I read something in the newsletter about a canoe or kayak from the ceiling? Whatever happens, I’m sure it will be a great experience. A lot of laughs as well as tears, no doubt.

July 15th- I start moving! The parents will be in the truck and I’ll be in my car, both vehicles stuffed to the gills with my clothes, books, food, microwave, fridge and who knows what all else! I’m  hoping to have everything packed and ready the night before so we can hit the road early in the morning. We will be greeted at Wartburg (which is really cool) and hopefully have some help unpacking before we collapse from exhaustion. The parents are staying for the weekend, so they’ll be able to see the beauty and magnificence of Dubuque, Iowa before returning here to De Pere.

July 25th- First day of classes begins with Summer Greek! I have been told this will be a wild and hectic experience. Hopefully my studies with other languages will assist me in trying to cram more knowledge in. Keep this time in your thoughts and prayers, because I’m definitely going to need all the extra help I can get!

I think that’s all for now, so I just want to thank anyone who is reading this and helping support me in this process. I hope you have a wonderful and exciting day. God bless!



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  1. Carlyn Cooper said:

    This is exciting Paul. A first for you writing a blog and the first for me to read a blog. Did not know what thery were all about. An excellent way to stay in touch. I will be keeping you in prayer through this time you are in Summer Greek ( Greek to me!!) I have a nephew born in Greece, that is as close as I get. I have every confidence in you Paul. God is taking you on an amazing journey. He will get you through. Shalom Carlyn

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