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Bittersweet Goodbyes

The last two days have certainly been an interesting and exhilarating adventure. I have said goodbye to so many loved ones, both at Festival and at Church. Yet I know these goodbyes are for a good reason. It certainly doesn’t make them easy goodbyes, but perhaps not quite as difficult. Besides, I fully intend to keep in contact with the people here throughout the next four years. Whether through e-mails, facebook, phone calls, skype, or letters, I will remain connected to the people who have worked so hard to nurture me and develop me into a respectable and hardworking individual. I don’t mean to “toot my own horn” with this statement, but rather acknowledge all the hard work that others have put into me.

I will miss each and every one of you during this four year process, and hope that these posts will be a helpful tool to stay in touch and let you know that I continue to do better myself and continue on my path, doing God’s work and spreading the Good News.

Despite these bittersweet goodbyes, I do look forward to the future. I am sure there will be many new and amazing people to connect with, to know and to love. Besides, these goodbyes don’t have to be final. I sincerely hope they won’t be. Rather, let this not be goodbye, but rather goodbye for now and I’ll see you again!

As always,
God Bless!


Comments on: "Bittersweet Goodbyes" (4)

  1. Carlyn Cooper said:

    Hi Paul, it was an honor and a privilege to be part of your Seminary Journey team, and to take part in your Blessing yesterday. I know you are nervous, as any new adventure makes one. In a week, the unknown will be made known and God will continue to carry you on the wonderful journey. You did a great job on your part of the sermon. You are right in saying it is hard to put into words the call from God, as it is just for you, this call. But we could feel it came from your heart yesterday when you were telling your story.(Typically, I find Lutherans have a hard time telling their God story.) Maybe you can help change that where ever the Lord leads you. Go in peace friend.

  2. Jen Holtebeck said:

    We’re sorry we missed your send off on Sunday. God bless you on your journey!

    The Holtebecks

    • No worries! It was an amazing, touching experience, but I know there were a lot of people unable to make it. I only ask that you keep me in your prayers every once in a while. I’m loving the new place and can’t wait to start Summer Greek! (a feeling I’ll probably take back once it actually starts) I have met some truly amazing people here already and can’t wait to meet more once they start moving in.

  3. Jen Holtebeck said:

    Will do!

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