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Hello All!

After all the farewells and such that I have received over the last couple of day, I felt it was time to make a fresh start. Now I know some of you may be thinking “But Paul, you haven’t even left De Pere yet, why the fresh start now, and not on Friday?” To this, I must simply say that the wonderful transition from one place to the other has already begun (most of my belongings are now safely nestled in totes, tubs, and bins)

Packed up

All boxed up

and by the time Friday gets here, I doubt I’ll have any energy reserves left to type. With that in mind, I felt it best to update and freshen things up a bit; both on this blog as well as in my personal life.

The changes to the blog, if one has had the chance to peruse the site before the changes, would no doubt be quite evident. I much prefer this theme to the former (I do apologize if there are some who preferred the old) as this theme seems much livelier and full of potential! I look at the page and just feel energized to write something. I do hope this feeling of renewed energy continues through the school year, as I’m sure I’ll need all the extra energy I can get.

As for the personal changes…well, those aren’t quite as visible as of yet. I’m working on my personal discipline in order to create a stable and reliable morning routine. Now that I am no longer working crazy shifts at work (or any shifts, for the time being ) I can finally set up a routine, perhaps have an actual normal wake up time, rather than an alarm clock going off due to obligations. Other than the morning routine, I’m also working on becoming more physically active (believe it or not, I do have a weight problem) and more aware of how much and what type of food is going in my mouth and when.

I’ll try to remember to post more photos as time goes on (first one on my blog was entered today), so that everyone can not only read about my adventures, struggles, and joys, but also see them. I ask that anyone reading please keep me and my family in your thoughts and prayers through this transitioning time. I know the process is going to be difficult on an emotional level for us all. I will, as always, keep you wonderful people in my thoughts and prayers as well.

As always, God Bless!


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