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Sorry, that’s the first thing that popped into my head this morning upon seeing the effects of the flash-flooding, room-shaking, ceiling-leaking monsoon that meteorologically drop-kicked Dubuque last night. We had 10+ inches of rain in less than twelve hours. If that wasn’t bad enough, the thunder storms were partying it up all last night and well into the morning. It hailed for a while as well. Not for long, and it wasn’t that big, but of course it had to hail in the short span of time when Kelly, Deb, Mary and I decided it was time to visit the president’s house for some ice cream. The ice cream and people were both amazing and loads of fun. I can’t quite say the same for the piece of hail that struck my toe. OUCH! I’m still waiting to see if I’ll have a nasty bruise. Hopefully not.

In any case, that’s all the bad news I have to report. I do hope everyone who reads this would take a moment to pray for the families and individuals affected by these storms. The castle, while still standing tall, is also a little soggier on the inside than what anyone would like to see. Other than that, however, everything is going great here! As you may have noticed by my mention of Kelly, Deb and Mary, I am quickly meeting new people and making new friends here. I must admit our group may contain some of the most…enthusiastically energetic… of the greek students, but we’re learning hard and having a blast while doing it!

Greek is going quite well for me, though I am still dreading the first exam tomorrow morning. Hopefully the experience won’t be too excruciating. I did get a perfect score on the vocab, so that’s a plus. Now I just have to hope for a repeat performance tomorrow. Yet in some strange way I seem to get more satisfaction out of helping others with their vocab and studies than I receive from getting a perfect score. For example, Karen-a truly lovely and quirky woman in her 40’s or 50’s (I’m terrible with age)- was having a hard time memorizing the words. She printed off the entire sheet and wrote down all the definitions she could remember. Out of 72 words, she got a little over twenty. After studying with our group of quirky, zany and frazzled group, she tried again. And got well over 50. I thought that was amazing! We’re already discussing study nights and community meals so we can study together more often.

Thank God for Mendota room 101 as well! In this wonderful, glorious, already-memorable room, one whole wall is nothing butt white board. This gives us plenty of space to write out our vocab words, fill out conjugation charts, parse out the words in our assigned sentences, and most importantly HAVE FUN! There’s something incredibly satisfying about figuring out an especially hard sentence with the encouragement and support of your fellow classmates. Equally satisfying is urging on others and providing words of encouragement as they, too, figure out these complex (well, for us) sentences and uncover the meaning behind these still somewhat-foreign letters.

Besides hanging out with the greek gang and enjoying ice cream while drenched to the bone, there are already so many more opportunities for fun and learning here at Wartburg. Today the Middler and Senior classes are putting on a spagetti dinner for us greek students, and later on in the evening Wartburg will be hosting Bach and Brownies (music by the famous composer paired with delectable edibles) before the weekend. Next week holds a lasagna supper at Holy Trinity Lutheran and a Cookies and Lemonade Social by the Fellowship of Wartburg Spouses.

Don’t think this means we are not working our fannies off. Turst me, between review sessions, chapel, class time, meals and sometimes sleep, you can be sure to find us diligently flipping through vocab flash cards, writing out assignments, quizzing others with flash cards, filling in conjugation charts and writing up new flash cards. Did I mention the flash cards?

On a final, and personally very happy note, I am happy to report that since moving to the seminary and establishing a life in the castle, I have managed-through much prayer, power of will and lack of time- to lose over six pounds. Six may not seem like that big of a number, but seeing as how doctors recommend losing no more than 2-3 pounds a week and I’ve only been here for two weeks, I’m right on track! Each and every day I pray to God, asking him to help me be more aware of my habits and strengthen my will so that I may make better choices. Each day he answers my prayers, making it possible to slowly make changes for the better. I still haven’t gotten a chance to ride my bike yet, but I’m hoping once these storms clear out (and I don’t have my nose buried in my Greek book) I will be able to put those wheels to the pavement. Until then I am making smaller efforts inside (t0 avoid either melting in the heat or drowning in the rain) to become a healthier, more active me.

That’s all for now, so I will part ways with a thank you to all the lovely people reading this blog, and a reminder to pray for the families affected by weather, poverty, war, and any other struggles.

Thank you, and God Bless!


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  1. Hi Paul, I was wondering if you would write about the rain. I heard it on the state radio station and mentioned it to Pastor A. Brought back memories for her, that was for sure. Sounds like you have a wonderful community of friends, helping each other with the Greek I understood one word. Conjugate. Did that in Latin. What you wrote reminds me of the first Christians in the book of Acts. Gathering in each others homes, (the castle), and helping each other with their various gifts(yes you did mention flash cards)and walking with each other in the Lord. You are embarked on a wonderful journey and the Lord most certainly walks with you where ever you go.
    I’ll bet you will be glad to get this first test out of the way, now you will know more of what to expect from them.

  2. Hi Again, do not know why I have two of these to respond to. Hope you get the first one.

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