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Hello again! I have escaped from the grasp of the beast known as Greek once again to provide an update! I know it has only been a few days, but what exciting and busy days they have been! Before I get ahead of myself, I am told that the powers that be at church (Pastors Andrea and Brian) have mentioned my blog (that would be what you’re looking at right now) my facebook account, and I believe my e-mail. So with that in mind I would like to welcome any new readers to the randomness that is my life! Don’t forget to subscribe!

First things first, I must mention the positive change in weather here! The temperatures have cooled considerably -so much so that I now keep my windows open to enjoy the breeze- and what rain we have had has not (to my knowledge) resulted in any flooding. I thank God for that wonderful news. With the pleasant temps I have enjoyed some random walks around campus and am anticipating a glorious bike ride on the weekend. I must admit, however, that the hills here are quite an experience. Walking up the hill from the Pulpit Rock Apartments required much too much effort. This of course means that I will be taking this route frequently so as to build up my muscles and cut down (a LOT, hopefully) on this excess fat I’ve carried for so long.

Speaking of extra weight, I am continuing in my efforts to lose weight. Once again the generous and caring community of Wartburg tempted me with scrumptious food, and once again I resisted the urge to over eat. Grilled corn, hamburgers, pasta salad, fruit, birthday cake (which I avoided like the plague) chips and so many other delicious choices to be had. I enjoyed my food and the amazing company of people and had perhaps a tad more than necessary, but certainly a much better selection than I may have taken before. Then later yesterday my new adopted parents (Martha and Mike) presented me with a scrumptious-looking piece of cobbler. I have it saved in my fridge for celebration food after today’s test (eeek!)

As far as visible results from my efforts, I am happy to report that I have continued to lose more weight and am encouraged each day by Deb and Mary to go on “vocab walks” around campus. I bought a scale from Walmart (a whopping $9) and have therefore quickly grown in popularity. My friends come in to chat for a bit and then hop on the scale quickly before leaving. I do believe I wasn’t the only one who missed having a scale in the basement reformation room.

On another, sadder note, I would like anyone reading this to keep my friend Kelly K. in your prayers. We received notice from her last night that her candidacy committee decided to postpone her. I am sure they had good reasons, and I know the extra time can provide her with the necessary time to iron out some issues back home, but a postponement is always hard to take. I hope she will return to school to finish her Summer Greek and then be accepted for next year. Again, please keep her in your prayers.

I must say farewell for a time again, as the 8am exam creeps ever closer. I am off to study for another half hour or so before the test. Wish me luck, and remember (as I myself must) that The Lord is my strength and my song. (check out the link!)

Thank you for reading, and God Bless!


Comments on: "Cool temps and cooler news!" (1)

  1. Carlyn Cooper said:

    Hi Paul, sounds like you have things under “cool” control. Good going with the food business. It is hard when tempted with such good food. Disipline (desciple), is a good thing to encourage for yourself. I wish I had some hills here at home to walk. Pretty flat we are!!! I have that web site on my computer, pretty neat huh? Got it from Pastor A. You and your Greek have gone way beyond me and my conjugating verbs. I remember Ego Amo Te, because I used to say that to Lee all the time. Not bad for 50 plus years ago huh? Three words, but wonderful words.
    Of course I will keep Kelly in my prayers, she must be very disappointed for the moment. God continues to lead her though. Take care my friend

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