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Goings-on during Greek

Well hello again! I hope all is well with everyone reading this blog. I know I’m having a great time here in Dubuque with Summer Greek! I can hardly believe I’m already in the fifth week of Greek! That means I’ve already learned eight months of Greek here! No wonder I’m so close to the Junior class here!

This morning I was all set with a new stack of flashcards, another passage from the Bible to translate, and plenty of mechanical pencils to write with! So what’s so different about today? This time it wasn’t just our class that had to get ready for school! The whole community here was buzzing with energy this morning as kids went off to their first day of school. For many of them it was the first day at a new school. Naturally there was a big range of feelings from excitement to fear. Personally, I was looking forward to putting those pesky participles in the past! Then again I didn’t have to worry about anyone but myself this morning. Many of my classmates were a little preoccupied with concern for their children.

I must say the day of classes went quite well for me and I returned to my room today (for the first time in a while) without a look of despair or panic on my face. However the day seemed a bit empty without the sounds of children laughing outside my window. The sound had become so natural around here that it caught me off guard to not hear it upon returning from classes. Somehow that made the day seem worse than if Beth had told us we were going to spend another week on participles.

I also “goofed” today by not setting an alarm for chapel. It was the first time I’ve missed since coming here, and I can’t help but feel guilty for not attending. Luckily for me Kelly called me and woke me in time for cake (to celebrate Mary’s 25th birthday!) so I got a decent amount of witty comments from others. Daddy Mike (my adopted Wartburg father who was also, like my biological father, Catholic) gave me a stern look of shame before commenting “well it’s so nice to finally see you today!” We discussed my error, and I told him I’d say 100 Hail Marys if only I knew the words. Which, of course, meant he provided me with the necessary words. I’ve put it on my to-d0 list for the day.

On a brighter note, I must say this past weekend was amazing! Friday was an all-around wonderful “banner day” as Jealaine from admissions called it. Our group all got passing scores (Mary broke the grade barrier-woo hoo!) Deb had Godiva chocolate waiting for her in the mailroom (we celebrated with a piece) Mary and Deb got scholarships from their synod, and I had finally received verification that the candidacy committee unanimously voted to entrance me!

Despite a less than energetic day on Saturday (we spent most of it sleeping in the basement and watching movies) we still managed a great time. The group went shopping at Global Goods (amazing shop with fair trade goods from all over the world) and explored several other shops while enjoying good music and great company. Saturday evening I went on a peaceful walk around campus with Deb to map out how far we go each lap (9/10 of a mile) and then continued birthday celebrations with Mary. Yesterday (Sunday) we attended church once again at Lord of Life (I’m thinking this is going to be the one we regularly attend) and then enjoyed a delicious lunch before going out to the Botanical Gardens for a picnic and live music.

I do believe that’s all the updating I have for the time being. I will be sure to keep everyone updated on future events and fun. Now I’m on my way up to the tower here! Hopefully I’ll have tons of amazing pictures to share later!

As always, God Bless!


Comments on: "Goings-on during Greek" (3)

  1. Jen Holtebeck said:

    How wonderful that you’ve found such a great group of friends so quickly! I’m really enjoying reading your posts — they make me want to learn another language. However, having grown up Catholic, 100 Hail Marys seems like a steep penance for missing chapel. Was it a Holy Day of Obligation? 😉

    • I’m glad you enjoy reading my post (I must be doing something right) because I LOVE getting comments! It definitely makes it worth it to write these posts. As for the Hail Marys… I’ve never done one before (or yet) so maybe I just need to catch up.

  2. Jen Holtebeck said:


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