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St. Nicholas

I’ve been feeling on top of the world for a good part of the last two weeks. I had an amazing thanksgiving with my family, got to participate in worship at St. John’s again, and was humbled by so many people’s generosity. I am stunned by how kind-hearted so many people can be. I want to thank everyone for their kindness, and let everyone know that I am thanking God each and every day for all the people in my life.

I would like to share a story from today that perfectly portrays the wonderful generosity and love in the world. Despite a weekend a little too full of Greek, I managed to have a blast with my Wartburg Family. We partied it up on Friday night and had an amazing time watching the Muppets latest movie on Saturday. On Sunday Mary and I drove to Madison in order to welcome home Deb after her returning flight. It felt good to have her back home with us. Sunday evening went surprisingly well with Greek and my Moodle post done before midnight. With Monday morning, the peaceful and familiar pattern of classes returned with (perhaps a first) no papers due for the entire week.

Today, after a mostly peaceful day of classes and studying, not to mention working for a little bit, I returned to my room and found a package in my doorway. On top of the gift bag was a note,



Happy St Nicholas Day!


May this small gift bring you joy this season.



No signature, no hint, just the note and the bag. And what was in the bag? Shoes. A pair of beautiful, brand new shoes. Not shoes with cracks in the bottoms, holes in the sides, or pieces of plastic breaking off inside. These shoes are perfect. I stood there stunned, just looking at the bag in my doorway. When I finally picked up the bag and looked inside, I was glad I had made it at least a couple steps into my room. I couldn’t hold the tears back, and am crying once again just writing this. Sobbing might be a better word for it.

After I managed to compose myself, I went back to the library to ask Martha if she’d done this for me. After all, she did ask me my shoe size before, and it’s certainly something she or her husband would do. She said it wasn’t her though, so I’m still left wondering who could’ve done this. Trouble is, there are too many people to choose from.Everyone here is so full of love and compassion, and (while I may be a bit biased) I think our class is the best of them all. We just sort of work together.

As I told Martha, it’s the sweetest, most thoughtful thing someone has done for me. Someone bought me shoes when I needed them. Someone cared for me. Looked out for me. I honestly cannot even begin to put into word what this means to me. I just wish I knew who it was so I could give them a big hug, thank them as well as I’m able, and hopefully find a way to return the favor. Hopefully they read my blog and can see this note. If so, consider this a paltry cyber hug until I am able to give a better one in person.

Two Sundays ago, Dave Wentland asked me to put a list of what I need up somewhere so people would know what to get me. I didn’t know how to respond to that. I have what I need, already. I have friends and family who love me. Today has reinforced that again in my heart. What I need is love, and that’s exactly what I have. Thank you. Really, truly, from the bottom of my heart. Thank you.



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  1. That is wonderful!

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