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Counting down the days…

Hello there!

In case you haven’t heard, I will be going on an amazing trip to Israel for two weeks coming up soon. In fact, I will beginning this awesome journey in less than 30 hours with a drive to Chicago, then a plane ride to Frankfurt, and finally a plane ride from Frankfurt to Tell Aviv! I cannot wait to begin this wonderful journey which will no doubt change my life in ways I can’t even begin to comprehend. We have an absolutely wonderful group going with us, though I am greatly saddened that two of our group are no longer able to join us due to medical issues. I hope both of them safe procedures and speedy recovery.

That being said, I should also point out that, as this trip encroaches ever closer to the present, I am turning more and more into a jumbled ball of nerves. I’ve rarely gone out of the country, and have NEVER gone off the continent (except for that time the aliens abducted me to perform some tests and… just kidding!) I don’t really know what to expect, so I’m glad I’m not trying to navigate this alone. I am so fortunate to have others along with me. Still, would it kill any of them to admit they’re a nervous wreck as well?

Well I’m going to have to end this here. I still have a lot of packing left to do in the next 29 hours or so, and I want to make a list and check it twice. Oh, and I want to thank my parents for the extra money to buy clothes. Somehow I don’t think four pairs of underwear would’ve taken me through this trip. Or if it did, I certainly would’ve repelled all or most of my classmates. So a trip to the store was best for all of our sakes. Thanks to grandma too, for the socks. One less thing to put on the shopping list!

I will miss all of you and try to update whenever internet is available. I’m not sure how much of a chance I’ll have, but I’ll do my best to snap photos like crazy for your viewing pleasure in between blog posts. If I don’t update, please don’t take it personally! It just means I have no internet, not that I don’t love you all. Because I do love you. Wish me luck and soothed nerves!

God Bless!


Comments on: "Counting down the days…" (4)

  1. LeaAnn Johnson said:

    You are the most down to earth person I know and the one who usually keeps me grounded. So leave the worrying up to Mom (she is better at it) and have fun. Mom

  2. Amy LaPierre said:

    Have fun, learn lots, pray hard, and stay safe!

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