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CPE and Family

Well this past week has certainly been a wild one! I finished CPE last Friday, had my brother visit Saturday and Sunday, and my mom visit Monday through Thursday. Yesterday and today I’ve been working on re-organizing my room, clearing out books (I’m lending last year’s books out to those who need them and donated a big box of extra books for the school’s book sale this fall) and making dragons. Yes, you read that last line right. I’m working on crocheting dragons, something I’ve been doing for about a week now. To date, I’ve made four dragons and each one has had something new added to it. The first one, pictured here: was made with leftover yarn and stuffed with grocery bags. Right now it’s sitting proudly on my newly cleared off bookshelf. It cost me less than seventy cents since I had all the materials and only paid for the eyeballs. The second dragon I made was just like the first, only slightly smaller (I used a smaller hook to have tighter stitches) and filled with poly-fil. The third and fourth were made as gifts.

But anywho, that’s getting away from the original purpose of my post. As I mentioned before, I have now finished with CPE. WOO HOO!!! It was a really great experience and, while I didn’t have any on-call experiences (the only call received was actually an additional on-call which one of the students volunteered for) it was still an extremely formative experience. I made a lot of connections, quite a few friends, and learned SO much from everyone at that hospital. Oh, and I certainly learned where the good food was in the Quad Cities. I learned about many other religions, learned about our supervisor and the fellow CPE students, and a ton about myself.

It has certainly been a joy to see everyone slowly coming back onto campus and can’t wait to share more stories with everyone. We’ve even “CPE’d” others from time to time-often in gest, sometimes in sincerity. Mostly it’s just having fun asking the typical CPE questions/statements “say more on that” “I’m not sure I understand” “tell me what these tears are about” “how did that make you feel” “explain that to me” etc. But from time to time we have actually worked out different issues. I’ve been more open with others and have learned a lot about why I do certain things. Now only time will tell if this raised awareness will be maintained. I’m sure I’ll never be the same as before, but I’m hoping my mind is able to slow down at least a little bit between now and the beginning of classes.

As far as family, it has been amazing! Before CPE was done my parents came to visit me on the weekend and we had an amazing couple of days. Then the weekend after CPE, my brother came for a visit (no doubt leaving before daylight) and we explored the Wartburg castle and a good chunk of Dubuque. Then sadly 😦 he had to leave. But then mom came to visit from Monday until Thursday. Once again Dubuque and the castle were explored by Johnsons, and I do believe I won every single game of cards we played. But I did have the home-field advantage.

After mom left, it was time to enjoy time with more “family” by having get-togethers with the Wartburg family for the last two nights. Tonight I’ll be volunteering with St. Mark’s providing a meal in the community to those in need and then tomorrow I’ll be visiting a new church (well, new to me) with some more Wartburgers that just got back on campus today. Then Monday and Tuesday will be dedicated to making sure my room is organized/work on my Endorsement paper and then on Wednesday I’ll be returning to my beloved family and “church family” in De Pere! I’ll be there through Sunday and then it will be time to return to Dubuque and finish off my Endorsement paper and start classes!

It seems like a whole lot of craziness, but I couldn’t be happier with where I am in life. I’m following God’s call, growing so much in mind and spirit (and maybe shrinking a bit in body) and feel a strong call to this life. I know I’ll be able to get through it with the support of so many amazing people and thank God each day for everyone in my life. THANKS BE TO GOD!!!

Peace to You All!

Paul Johnson


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  1. James Johnson said:

    I had an amazing visit!

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