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Before you get any further, I want you to look at the title of this post. See the “?!” at the end of the title? Did you know that this is a legitimate punctuation mark, and that there’s a word for that specific punctuation? And no, it’s not question mark-exclamation point. It’s actually called an interrobang. Who knew there was such a thing?! Just a special tidbit of random information from me to you.

Okay, enough about grammar, I wan to talk about another subject: BOOKS! As anyone who has attended Wartburg Theological Seminary can probably tell you, October is THEOLOGICAL LIBRARIES MONTH!!! Yay! Being the month in which we celebrate Theological Libraries, our very own Reu Memorial Library at Wartburg Theological Seminary holds a book sale every fall in October. There are also other fun events and activities as well, but the books always draw a big crowd. Seeing as how it’s my last year on campus and I’ll likely be moving in 7-10 months, I told myself I wouldn’t buy any books this year. I already have enough. My parents, who were so kind as to help me move yet again, would likely agree with that statement.

I was doing fairly well with that commitment, until the second to last day of the book sale. I had already perused through the books and saw some that held interest, but I assured myself I didn’t need any more books and walked away. This time, I was helping someone else find books, and then ended up looking closer at some of the books. I bought $2 worth (two hard cover and four paperbacks) and told myself that was it. When I went back later on, I noticed some more books that a professor had mentioned in class. I picked those up, and decided I should make it an even $2 once again. Now my total in sales was $4, and my total books purchased came to 14 (two hard cover and six paperbacks). So I was done. Not buying any more books, and that’s FINAL!

Well to be fair, I didn’t BUY any more books this time, but I did get some free ones on the last day of the sale. Most of them were some great classics, Like Robinson Crusoe, The Pearl, etc. Then I found some other mysteries and books by authors I believe my mom reads, so I picked those up for her. Finally, I found more books by another author that yet another professor had recommended.

I got some really great selections, but my book collection has gotten so out of hand that I have a box of books still stored away, my desk has three rows of books on them and books piled up on top of those books, and the new books I bought are sill in a box next to the desk. It’s not to hoarder proportions yet, but I’ll have at least another box of books now to move come next summer. Many of them are theological books or books that relate to working in the church or spiritual care. Still more are books I intend to read. The problem with all these books is that I can’t see getting rid of 95% of them. Maybe some day I’ll have enough money to buy them all in kindle format, but until then, my desk will be overflowing with literature of varying sorts. I’m still not sure how I feel about this, but I suppose there are worse things to collect than books.

So tell me, dear readers. What’s something that you keep accumulating, but can’t part ways with? I’m curious to see what you have to say. Anyone else a self-proclaimed bibliophile? And finally… anyone want to help me move all these boxes next summer?   😉


Comments on: "Why Do I Have So Many Books?!" (5)

  1. Carlyn Cooper said:

    Funny Paul. I have just been able to get rid of a lot of my books, I thought they should be enjoyed by others, rather than colleting dust on my shelves. I love books. I used to read a lot of Harvey jaeger’s books from Sem on OT history. Found them fascinating.

    • Good way to look at it, Carlyn. Not that I’ll be giving up the books, but that someone else will be getting them. I am enjoying my course on Jeremiah so far, and have gained a lot of insight into the Hebrew Bible. Thanks for reading!

  2. Update!

    Okay, I also bid on some of the bid books, so I now have another three series of books: Christian Dogmatics (two volume series), a four volume series, and another series that’s probably about fifteen books…Sigh.

    On the bright side, I won’t have to worry about my bookshelves being bare when I get my first call.

  3. Jim Johnson said:

    Memories. I keep accumulating memories more than anything else!

    As far as books go, there are certain books that I am attached to… even if I haven’t read them in 10 years! I wish I could read faster, because my read list grows faster than my reading rate.

    • Jim. Memories are great things to accumulate! I too wish my reading skills were more proficient than they are… Not only would it mean more books could be read, but more of my time could be dedicated to other things as well, like hanging out with family, sleep, or getting out into nature to explore. Oh well. Thanks for sharing!

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