Explore my Journey with me!


Hello All! I want to thank you for taking the time to read a bit about me and my journey through seminary. I am truly blessed to have so many supporting me in this experience, and I thank God for everyone in my life. So thank you again for sharing in this journey!

A bit about me… I am currently attending Wartburg Theological Seminary, in my Final year for an MDiv degree. I want to become a called and ordained pastor in the ELCA. Where exactly that calling will be, I have absolutely no idea. I’m currently feeling called to serving in a bi-vocational setting,working half-time as a parish pastor and half-time as a hospital/care facility chaplain. Yet whether I get that type of calling or not, I will be happy anywhere God calls me to go.

I have been incredibly graced by a loving home congregation at St. John Lutheran Church in De Pere, WI as well as an energetic and supremely hospitable internship site at St. Stephen’s Lutheran Church in Cedar Rapids, IA. I look forward to being involved in a variety of ways at Wartburg Theological Seminary this year, including the honorable position of Castle Companion. I’m also representing Extraordinary Lutheran Ministries (ELM) as a Proclaim Seminarian Representative at Wartburg, and have been blessed with wonderful colleagues and friends through this organization.

If you have any questions about or for me, just ask. I’m always eager to talk to someone about my faith journey. I hope you enjoy my blog and feel energized for your own calling in faith to serve others. May we be Christ’s hands and feet on earth, and always strive to recognize Christ through our neighbors.


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