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Happy Holy Week!

I’m back  in De Pere! It feels so great to be back again, enjoying time with the family, going on walks with the puppy (she’s a full grown dog, but she’ll always be my puppy) and enjoying worship during this Holy Week! I got back into town Wednesday afternoon and enjoyed a delightful evening with the family, got a bit of reading in, and eventually crashed on the cot (much more comfortable than the couch. I love that thing!)

Yesterday I started the day with an adventurous morning of geocaching with my amazing brother Jim. We found four or five caches. The last one didn’t pan out, but it was a great time, nonetheless.  I had never gone geocaching before, and I must say it was a great experience! I am amazed at how tricky, sneaky, and ingenious people can be in hiding these treasure troves! It felt great to breathe in the crisp air, feel nature underfoot. During the last search, I spent a good bit of time barefoot, enjoying the feel of nature firsthand. It was truly spiritual to be able to feel the freezing water rushing around my legs, squish slimy mud between my toes,  feel the dry grass under my tread, even experience the sharp sting of prickly raspberry plants across my legs.

After a morning of fun exploration it was time to head home for a delicious lunch and then a well-deserved nap. When I got back up, I decided I should get some reading done, and battled a headache that was just present enough to be irksome. Then if was time to go to the first of many church services this week back home. I must admit, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was definitely looking forward to being able to say hello to the wonderful people of St. John’s and De Pere, but I was worried the assignment I have coming up on these services would hinder my experience.

I was therefore pleasantly surprised by how great the service went. Once I got into that sanctuary, it didn’t matter that I had an assignment coming up. This was God’s time, not mine. I had plenty of other time to worry about assignments. This wasn’t that time. I loved the songs we sang, the readings and the sermon seemed like they were speaking directly to me, and the choir was absolutely astounding!

Once again, I was able to feel the power of the Holy Spirit working inside me. Filling me with God’s healing love and guidance. It was like my skin was freezing and on fire all at once. little pricks of energy coursed along my skin, up and down my spine and scalp and all over my body. My senses seemed to burst into activity, and my emotions boiled over inside of me. As the tears once again streamed down my cheeks and my breath caught in my chest, I managed to whisper thanks to God for letting me know this presence.  I’ve tried to explain the experience to others, and it always seems to fall woefully short of the actual experience.

And so, it got me to thinking. How do others experience God’s activity in their lives? How would you describe what you feel? Is it a physical experience, emotional, does a calming voice resonate from within you? from outside? Let me know. I’d love to hear how you experience God. And don’t be discouraged if you don’t feel the same things I or other people feel. I’ve spoken with others who have experiences unlike anything I’ve ever felt, and it just amazes me even more that the Holy Spirit can be so unique to each person.

Have a Happy Holy Week, and God Bless!


Easter Anticipation

I can’t wait for Easter! It seems like an eternity still before I’ll be able to return home and visit with friends and family, go to church at St. John’s, scratch the dog, walk the streets of De Pere and who knows what else! Hopefully Wednesday morning (which, since I’m working the previous night, probably means around 10 am) I’ll be hitting the road to come back home.Yet even though it’s less than a week from now (four days and counting) I have so much to get done between then and now:

Psalmody/Hymnody assignment for Foundations of Christian Worship

read several chapters for Ages of Faith and Reformation

Read Luther’s Treatise “On Christian Liberty”

write a paper concerning “OCL”

Check out books for Systematic Theology (and hopefully read them as well)

water the plants, maybe find someone to water them while I’m gone as well

pack my clothes and essentials

Work the closing shift at the Library Tuesday

Clean my room…


The list keeps going and going, and all the while I keep counting down the days and wonder how I’m ever going to get everything done in time. I am excited to leave, and I’m sure once the time comes I’ll be ready, but until then I can’t help but worry that I’m missing something.

In a strange way, it makes me wonder how the disciples must’ve felt going along with Jesus on the way to Jerusalem nearly 2000 years ago. I’m sure they had things on their minds, and there’s little doubt in my mind that they had no clue what was coming. Still, they followed Jesus and trusted in him. Every once in a while Jesus had to chastise them, or nudge them back on the right track, but even though they didn’t understand, they followed. I guess that’s what this journey will be like for me. Both the journey through seminary and the shorter one of just these next few days.

I have no clue how things are going to happen, or what each new day will bring, but I have to give up those worries and focus on just following Jesus.I don’t have to have all the answers, and when I don’t get it, it’s okay to ask for help, for guidance, for a helping hand. When the worries of the days darken the horizon, I have to remember to seek out the Light of the World.

Blessings on your Lenten Journey!


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