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Surprise, surprise!

Good afternoon all you fine people (or night, or day, depending on when you read this)!

I just wanted to share some amazing things from yesterday with you all! First off, the better eating habits are still paying off! I’m nearing a new goal, and I couldn’t be happier. Yesterday I thought I had really *ahem* sabotaged myself. I kept snacking because I felt hungry. I was sure I’d step on the scale today and see that I had gained an extra five or ten pounds. Turns out I lost two instead! How, you might ask, was this possible? Well, I had changed the type of foods I keep around me.

So while I may have been “snacking” all day, it was by eating a small(ish) slice of carrot cake with a scoop of ice cream (it was at a birthday party, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NICHOLAS!!!) a can of tuna (make that two), a banana (and then another) a bowl of brown rice, a spinach salad with mandarin orange slices, an orange, half a cup of cottage cheese, a bowl of cheerios, and finally a goldfish cracker (yes, just one). Well when I tallied up all the calories this morning, I saw that I was indeed under my caloric goal. So even though I was “snacking” all day, it was on good foods. (minus the delicious cake and ice cream)

Another positive is that I had an amazing chat with mom last night, and was informed that she is planning on visiting me at the seminary within the next couple of months. We still need to schedule a definitive date, (looks like April’s pretty busy for me) but I’m excited to have a visitor again! And, since Molly in admissions tweaked the housing rules, she can stay with me instead of having to rent a hotel room or Mendota room (on campus housing).

Finally, I have an update on my little seedlings! As of last night, over half of the seeds have now sprouted, with the strawberry and mint seeds being the last to show. I know they take longer, so I’m not worried about them. I now have four more tomato seedlings ready to be transferred to new containers. It was definitely a good idea to start them in egg cartons and move up to the bigger cups (and finally to big pots or garden homes) instead of planting all the seeds in the cups and just hoping for the best. I’m still shooting for 100 % success, but even if I don’t get any more plants I’ll be happy. There’s something exciting about seeing something grow from just a seed to a fully mature plant!

Keep coming back for more updates and pleasant surprises!